Clearing the boards
  • A. [Redacted] was never going to work out how I wanted, I’ve essentially been treading water waiting for things to be more favourable. A damn pipe dream, and she deserves someone in better shape than me (Mentally, physically, intellectually) anyway.
  • B. Things were always going to be too complicated with [Redacted], general discrepancies in feelings and all that. Just too much of a mess to proceed despite initial promise.
  • C. [Redacted] and I never had anything in common, and every time I walked home from her place I always felt like shit. Awful taste in music.

Well, that’s taken care of. Upon returning to Wellington I will build a fort out of blankets in my room, fill it with bottles of whiskey and Xbox games, and only emerge for Wednesday cheap drinks at SFBH and perhaps the occasional kebab.