Pulp - Pencil Skirt

Pulp - This is Hardcore

When you first start a band as a teenager, you can’t help but think of yourself as terribly deep and that you will, in some profound way, bring about a change in the world through your own creativity. I certainly did. But the more time has gone on, the more I’ve realized that I’m not deep at all. I am, in fact, profoundly shallow. Oh well.

Pulp - Help the Aged


Pulp - This Is Hardcore


Pulp - I Spy


Pulp - Common People (Live at Glastonbury, 1995)

Who do you call when John Squire breaks his collarbone, and the Stone Roses cancel?

Cocker & Co., that’s who.


Pulp - Dishes

I find something about Jarvis Cocker’s ability to grow old gracefully to be tremendously comforting. I think it bodes well for kids like us.


Pulp - Monday Morning