I’m moderately convinced that the entire run of Snuff Box was a fever dream I had in high school.


The National - Pink Rabbits

Anonymous asked: Are you always such a sarcastic prick?

Anonymous asked: Is there any moment that you can recall where you were both shocked and delighted?

That bit in Call of Duty where you breach through the wall to rescue the unnamed prisoner and it turns out to be Captain Price.


When I was a teenager I was really impressed by the notion of method acting, and held the whole concept in pretty high regard. Now I just tend to think it’s silly. I was reading an interview with Michael Mann once where he talked about how in preparation forĀ Last of the Mohicans, Daniel Day Lewis became the best in the world at reloading a musket while running which is, let’s face it, pretty fucking ridiculous.

(Source: esquire.com)

Anonymous asked: if ur tumblr were a vehicle what would it be?

Foxbat is a submarine. It is old; its captain and crew are tired, unshaven, and homesick; it has outlived its strategic usefulness and lives under constant threat of being sent to the scrapyard, but until that day arrives it will always, always, always be where it’s supposed to be: at sea.


Mogwai - Deesh

In retrospect I think this is my standout favourite from seeing Mogwai live last week. I think the album version is a little languid, though.

That said, what I’d would like to see is this track playing over a supercut of ‘cityscapes at night’ scenes from Michael Mann films (which is what got me into Mogwai in the first place, thanks to two tracks featured somewhat prominently in the big screen reboot of Miami Vice).

I’d make it myself, but Jesus, video editing is tedious.