Jóhann Jóhannsson - Here they Used to Build Ships

Movies watched in 2014, part IV: A New Hope

46. Four Lions (2010, dir. Chris Morris)
47. Her (2013, dir. Spike Jonze)
48. Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993, dir. Mel Brooks)
49. Klovn (2010, dir. Mikkel Nørgaard)
50. Nikita (1990, dir. Luc Besson)
51. Dead Man Down (2013, dir. Niels Arden Oplev)
52. The Running Man (1987, dir. Paul Michael Glaser)
53. The Woman in the Fifth (2011, dir. Pawel Pawlikowski)
54. Vengeance (2009, dir. Johnnie To)
55. Patriot Games (1992, dir. Philip Noyce)
56. Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (2010, dir. José Padilha)
57. Regarding Henry (1991, dir. Mike Nichols)
58. True Lies (1994, dir. James Cameron)
59. Zulu (2013, dir. Jérôme Salle)
60. House of Games (1987, dir. David Mamet)


Hanni el Khatib - Fuck it. You Win.

I’m moderately convinced that the entire run of Snuff Box was a fever dream I had in high school.


The National - Pink Rabbits

Anonymous asked: Are you always such a sarcastic prick?

Anonymous asked: Is there any moment that you can recall where you were both shocked and delighted?

That bit in Call of Duty where you breach through the wall to rescue the unnamed prisoner and it turns out to be Captain Price.


When I was a teenager I was really impressed by the notion of method acting, and held the whole concept in pretty high regard. Now I just tend to think it’s silly. I was reading an interview with Michael Mann once where he talked about how in preparation for Last of the Mohicans, Daniel Day Lewis became the best in the world at reloading a musket while running which is, let’s face it, pretty fucking ridiculous.

(Source: esquire.com)